#SicEmSaints Rewards

#SicEmSaints Rewards

#SicEmSaints Rewards Program - where your attendance at games helps you earn great prizes, just for showing up and cheering on your Saints!

If it’s your first game, you will get a free item from the concession stand, and randomly selected current #SicEmSaints members will as well!

Prize Levels:

First Check-in = Free Item from Concessions

500 points = Saints Koozie

1500 points = #SicEmSaints T-Shirt

2500 points = Saints backpack

5000 points = Official Saints baseball hat

7500 = Saints Jacket

Grand Prize winner (at least 7500 points) = $150 to the bookstore, along with all the other prizes

Just swipe your Santa Fe ID card, attend at least half the game, and earn your points!  For those of you with 500 points, you won a prize! Pick it up at the check in table at the next game you attend.  Make it to 1500 points and win a #SicEmSaints t-shirt!  Earn more prizes as you accumulate points.  The Grand Prize Winner will win a $150 gift card to the SF Bookstore!!! See you at the games….GO SAINTS!

Weekday games = 100 points

Weekend games = 200 points