SF Athletics Director Jim Keites (L) with college President Dr. Jackson Sasser
SF Athletics Director Jim Keites (L) with college President Dr. Jackson Sasser

Athletics Advisory Committee

Next Meeting: October 18, 2017, Gymnasium, Room V-16

AAC Purpose: 
The Athletics Advisory Committee (AAC), composed of Santa Fe College faculty, staff and students plus members of the Alachua/Bradford County community, provides support and advice on issues pertaining to Santa Fe College Athletic Department. 

Current Members (updated 6/17/2015):
Dr. Tracey Reeves, Director, Student Life, Santa Fe College (Chair)
Dr. Naima Brown, Vice President, Student Affairs, Santa Fe College
Mr. Jim Keites, Director, Athletics, Santa Fe College
Dr. Byron Dyce, Retired Track Coach, Santa Fe College
Mr. Mike Hutley, Registrar, Santa Fe College
Mr. Kevin Bird, Advising Specialist, Santa Fe College
Mr. Scott Jamison, Specialist, Athletics Dept., Santa Fe College
Mr. Gregg Jones, Professor, Fine Arts, Santa Fe College
Mr. Kevin Bzoch, Athletics Booster, Davis Companies
Ms. Jill Cunningham, Professor, Business Programs, Santa Fe College
Dr. Heidi Lannon, Associate professor, Social and behavioral Science, Santa Fe College
Mrs. Dana Lindsey, Counseling Specialist, Disabilities Resource Center, Santa Fe College
Dr. David Price, professor, Social and Behavioral Science, Santa Fe College
Mr. Ceddrick Daniels, Football Coach, Gainesville High School
Mr. Mike Powell, Lead Consultant, Mike Powell & Associates
Dr. Chris Raye, Assistant Professor, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Santa Fe College
Dr. Dan Rodkin, Associate Vice President, Student Affairs, Santa Fe College
Dr. Jennifer Thomas, Coordinator, Academic Foundations, Santa Fe College
Mr. Martin Salamone, Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing, University Athletic Association
Mr. Freddie Wehbe, Owner, Gator Dominos
Mr. Scott Wilson, BUACTC
Ms. Laurel Woolsey, Associate Professor, Academic Foundations

Previous meeting minutes:
July 12, 2013
February 28, 2013
October 29, 2012
April 16, 2012
January 24, 2012
October 17, 2011
March 22, 2011
January 24, 2011

Santa Fe Athletics Alumni Association (Jim Keites/Harry Tholen) Purpose: To continue the development of Santa Fe Athletics Alumni Association. Sub-Committee members will help move this fledgling organization along with a goal of it being sustainable within 3 years. Items to address this year include a mission statement, website improvements, and hosting a “homecoming” activity. 

Faculty/Athletics Relations Committee (Laurel Woolsey) Purpose: To improve relations between the two entities and help each to understand and respect the goals of the other. Sub-committee members should have an understanding of both classroom & athletics needs, and serve as advocates for both areas, providing a much-needed communications. 

Athletics Community Relations Committee (Blair Janes) & (Mike Powell) Purpose: To gain more support within the community for Santa Fe’s athletic programs. This would help work in conjunction with athletics’ community service projects and would possibly open some doors for establishing community support with youth sports and businesses.